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Products that promote overall independence and wellness

At ChairLife, we understand the desire for independence and the importance of finding reliable products that fit seamlessly into your daily life. Our goal is to be your trusted partner in this journey, providing you with the tools you need to confidently navigate the world around you. With ChairLife products, you can unlock the power of independence, empowering yourself to achieve your goals and pursue your passions.


Our mission is clear: to empower wheelchair users to embrace life with independence, confidence, and limitless possibilities.
We welcome you to join us in a world of limitless possibilities.

User  inspired

User designed

The Hook-it. A simple solution to a Chair Life dilemma. When you need to get, Hook It.
Now available. A simple go to when needing a flat surface. Keep it simple. Four different sizes available. Join us on this journey towards greater independence and convenience.
Push gloves can be used for not only protecting your hands and wrist but also as an aid to holding tools etc.

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