ADI Anti-Slip Transfer Board


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Anti-Slip Transfer Board


Sliding boards are used to promote independence and safety during transfers for those with limited upper body strength and impaired balance. We also recommend transfer boards as a transfer-assist tool for therapist/caregiver, to provide the needed assistance “to bridge the gap” for safer and more bio mechanically friendly transfer.


  • Anti-Slip material on the bottom side keeps the board in place during transfers
  • Three options in length to meet all your transferring needs
  • Three options in hand hole configurations
  • Tapered ends allow for easier placement
  • Made from durable, lightweight hardwood

NOTE: Maximum weight capacity is 200 pounds.

NOTE:  It is not recommended that ADI Anti-Slip Transfer Boards be used in the shower, tub, or other areas where they may get wet.

Anti-Slip Material

The bottom side of each transfer board has an anti-slip surface to keep the board in place with little to no movement during each transfer.

Hand Hole

Three options of board hand hole cut-outs for optimal user manageability. Your choice of either vertical, horizontal or no hand holes.

Tapered Ends

Allows the user to easily slide the board underneath his or her leg/bottom for proper placement during transfer and to aid in reduction of skin sheering.