ADI Backrest Foam Insert


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ADI Foam Insert

  • Wide variety of sizes
  • Soft skin protective foam
  • Extra strong tight feel
  • Solid padding that provides comfort

Ride in Comfort

Feel confident in staying in your chair all day, you will stay protected and comfortable knowing your skin has the best foam insert on the market. Seamless design, with the signature ADI wrap around style. Apply from the top and secure to the bottom. Complete protection through your entire journey.


Cool and dry material. Draws heat and sweat away from your core. Year around temperature control.


Seamless design offers a barrier free feel and protection. Assist in keeping your shirt down. Snug fit to offer the best stability.

Your Look Matters

As we get up and start our day what we surround ourselves with matters. The chair is part of this extension. Keeping it simple with equipment that makes an unnoticeable difference.