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Stability is Key

Keep it all in place

Maintaining an upright and aligned posture plays a role in overall health. A proper seating position helps maintain function, skin integrity, and body shifts. Support vests are adjustable and made with soft, breathable materials to ensure both comfort and effectiveness. Experience enhanced support and stability.

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Breathable Material

Constructed from a unique open-cell material that allows air to circulate and moisture to escape. This contributes to reduced heat buildup and a cooler, drier, and more comfortable user experience.

Dynamic Support

Dynamic Support provides postural control, a degree of trunk movement, and a softer it on the body. The user has movement within a limited range encouraging return to their neutral position

Swivel Buckles

Swivel buckles on the lower attaching straps allow self-adjustment, supporting the correct angle of attachment.

Full Length Attaching Straps

Provide for proper positioning of the top side release buckles, ensuring that the posture support maintains adjustment.

Classic Style

The Classic Style offers a large padded surface for the thoracic area.

Contoured Style

The Contoured Style has a narrowed section over the sternum that allows a better fit for females, G-tube users or those requiring a smaller support surface