Pelvic Belts


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Stability is Key

Stay in place

The pelvis is key to postural alignment as the position of the pelvis dictates the position of the trunk, head, and extremities. Pelvic stabilization is crucial for the individual to obtain optimal postural support, control, and ultimately, function. People using wheelchair seating are often unable to maintain an upright and aligned posture without external supports. Stealth Positioning Pelvic Belts help maintain the pelvis in a neutral position.

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  • Padded & Non-Padded

  • Metal Push Button or Side Release

  • 1in (2.54cm) to 2in (5.08cm) Webbing

  • Belt Anchor Style Attachments

  • Contoured style or Classical style

Pelvic Belts & Pads


  • Help maintain a neutral pelvic position, which directly affects seated body alignment and distributes

    pressure appropriately.

  • Increase postural stability, decreasing the effort needed

    to sit upright and facilitating upper extremity movement.

  • Contribute to proper head positioning and neck alignment.

  • Reduce negative postural tendencies that can lead to orthopedic asymmetries and other secondary medical complications.

Incorrect positioning of the pelvis can lead to:


  • Anterior Pelvic Tilt

  • Posterior Pelvic Tilt

  • Pelvic Elevation

  • Pelvic Obliquity

  • Pelvic Rotation

Metal Push Button or Side Release

1in (2.54cm) to 2in (5.08cm) Webbing

Single & Dual Pull

Padded & Non-Padded