ADI Carbon Solid Seat Base/Hardware


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Solid Seat Support


Experience the benefits of the ADI carbon fiber solid seat bases comprised of space age materials. ADI seatbases are designed for active individuals in lightweight wheelchairs who realize the importance of proper seating, while demanding the lightest and strongest components available.

Whether this is your first chair, or that you’re just tired of inefficient, non-supportive alternatives, we invite you to experience the ADI Carbon Fiber Seating System… more support, less weight.

  • Carbon fiber material adds strength without adding weight
  • Helps deter progression of postural deformities

  • Facilitates upright seating in chair

  • Reduces back pain

  • Mounts on most rigid chairs

Its your Chair Life - Live It Your Way

The difference

Everything Builds on a Solid Foundation

A true seating system build off of a solid foundation. The ADI CF Seat base is that foundation. Keep your butt bones in place and even. Clinically proven to increase your longevity and overall health. Once even on the bottom continue upward with an ADI backrest. Proven to provide good posture, the ADI backrest is # 1 in the industry.,


Fabricated out of high-quality Carbon Fiber and available with Solid Hardware for attachment.  Make your Lifes Ride Better.

Light Weight

Don’t be weighed down by alternatives. Whether you’re pushing all day or loading your chair, no need to hesitate to replace your current sing. Your lightest alternative.

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